December 23, 2017

Motorola Moto X4 Android One smartphone gets Android Oreo update

The Android One edition variant of the Motorola Moto X4 has started receiving a new update. Carrying a build number of OPW27.1, it's a major update that brings along Android 8.0 Oreo.

Please refer below available system update

This update also includes the latest Android security fixes. The roll out is inline with the 'end of the year' time frame that was promised by the company when the phone was launched.

It is an OTA roll out, it might take time for the update to hit your device, so be patient.

Source : Motorola Moto X4 Android One smartphone gets Oreo update

March 27, 2013

Google Nexus 7 tablet to reach India after September

The recently concluded Google I/O 2012 saw the software giant step into the tablet market with the Asus Nexus 7. Priced at $199 for the low-end version, the tablet has been announced for markets across the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK, with the delivery scheduled for mid-July. However, according to a report by The Mobile Indian, Indians will be able to lay their hands on the Nexus 7 only after September. Anonymous sources from Asus reveal that Google and Asus don’t have any plans of releasing the Nexus 7 in the country before September. The source revealed, “Google and Asus have no plans in place for India right now. We will be able to announce that only post the third quarter (ending September)." The Nexus 7 is the first device to run the newest iteration of Android – Jelly Bean.

This news could well mean the tablet would be launched in India only by the end of the year. Currently, it is available for the aforementioned markets through Google Play, and it would be interesting to see how the company sells the device in India. The Indian market has a growing number of low to mid-range tablets and the Google Nexus 7 could intensify the competition, especially if it is sold at the same starting price point of around Rs. 11,000. Considering the growing affinity towards tablets, the Nexus 7 has the potential to become the most favoured tablet in India if the price factor is maintained. A recent survey also revealed how more IT and business professionals will be opting for Android tablets in the developing countries.

The Nexus 7 comes equipped with a seven-inch IPS display that boasts a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and is powered by a 1.3 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 chip and 1 GB of RAM. Google is touting the tablet as a serious gaming device, which also features a 12-core Nvidia GeForce GPU. The Google Nexus 7 tablet is available in two storage capacities - 8GB and 16GB - priced approximately around Rs. 11,000 and Rs. 13,000, respectively. When it comes to the size, the Nexus tablet measures 198.5 x 120 x 10.5 mm and weighs 340 gm. These dimensions allow it to go head-to-head with the Amazon Kindle Fire, which seems to be the device that the Nexus 7 is targetting, rather than the iPad as was predicted earlier. The connectivity options found on the Google Nexus 7 tablet include Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth and NFC capabilities, and the tablet also comes with Google Wallet pre-installed. As for the camera featured here, it comes as no surprise that Google has just added a front facing camera that can be used for video calls. However, what's interesting is that this camera can shoot HD 720p videos.

March 26, 2013

Sony rolls out update for the Xperia Z, fixes sudden death issue

Some users of Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, have complained on Sony forums that their devices have been randomly crashing. Some of these users were able to fix this problem with a hard reset of the device. For those that weren’t able to do so, a fix has been released by Sony to address the issue.

The fix for the Xperia Z is available to users either over the air or via the PC sync software. The update is being rolled out in phases so if you haven’t received the update, you should in the next few days. The update only addresses the issue of the sudden death of the smartphone and doesn’t bring any new functionality or features to the table. If you are one who hasn’t yet received the update and is impatient to update your Xperia Z smartphone, can do so via the XDA developers forum.

The Xperia Z was launched earlier this month and we really liked some of the features of the smartphone. You can check out all the details in our review. The phone is capable of resisting dust and even being immersed in water, apart from sporting an excellent display. We put the durability of the Xperia Z to the test and we have a video to prove its capabilities.

The Xperia Z is Sony’s flagship smartphone boasting of some impressive specifications that includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. The device also sports 2GB RAM and houses a 5-inch Reality Display with a 1920x1080 pixels resolution. The Adreno 320 GPU supports its graphical capabilities. The Xperia Z has 16GB built-in storage expandable via a microSD card slot. The rear of the smartphone houses an 8MP shooter and the 2330 mAh battery powers the entire package.