March 28, 2011

Opera Mini 6

Opera Mini 6
The biggest addition here is pinch to zoom, which wasn't available before. If you tried to pinch to zoom in, the browser would jump directly to 100 percent zoom level or get back to the full page view. There wasn't a finer control over the zoom level. Now, if you pinch, the page zooms in gradually and you can stop whenever you want and the browser will stick to that zoom level. You can select the maximum zoom level from settings but one thing we noticed was that unlike Opera Mobile, which allows you to zoom past the setting you have selected in the menu, Opera Mini stops zooming when you reach the selected zoom level.

You can choose to have the text rearranged when you zoom in so that it it's the width of your device's display. Enabling can mess with the page order sometime and in that case you can disable it. It is better than having constant ON or OFF as some browsers have. 

The scrolling has been reportedly made smoother in the new version and we noticed a new button that appears on the screen when you scroll fast that lets you jump straight down to the bottom or top of the page depending upon the direction you were scrolling. 

Interface-wise, the only major difference is the new Opera button in the bottom right corner that reminds you of one of the buttons in the top left corner of the desktop browser.  It just replaces the settings button found in the previous version but it houses the exact same options as before. 

There is a new Share function as well. In the Symbian version that we reviewed, we got the option of sharing the current page on Facebook, Twitter or on My Opera. In the Android version, it gives you access to a lot more applications to share a link.

Opera Mini 6 for Symbian is now a native Symbian application, instead of J2ME. 

Apart from these additions, Opera Mini 6 is identical to the previous version. 

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