March 29, 2011

Opera Mobile 11

Opera Mobile 11
Opera Mobile 11 has most of the new additions that Opera Mini 6 has received. It already had the pinch to zoom feature, so that is unchanged. The Share feature does work differently though and is oddly crippled here. In the Symbian version, we only got the option of sending the URL through an SMS or via Bluetooth. There was no mention of Facebook or Twitter sharing. 

 Thankfully now, Opera Mobile11 supports Flash on Android phones. Of course, the phones themselves should be compatible with Flash. Those who have been staying away from Opera Mobile so far because of lack of Flash support have no reason to do so any more. On Symbian, however, there is no Flash support, because the Flash Lite plugin is only available for the built-in browser. 

In comparison to Opera Mini, Opera Mobile is a lot smoother. Pages also looked a lot better and more accurate. The text also looks a lot better when you zoom in or out. If you have a smartphone that supports Opera Mobile with a decent connection plan then we would advise using it over Opera Mini. If you are on Symbian, there are no two ways about it; Opera Mobile 11 is the browser to use.

Overall, both the new browsers are good improvement over their predecessors, Opera Mini 6 more so than Opera Mobile 11. Then again Opera Mobile was fine to begin with so that's still fine. With new features such as Flash support and special versions for Honeycomb tablets (which we couldn't test for obvious reasons), Opera Mobile is poised to take away market share from established browsers. 

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