April 30, 2011

AMD Releases Catalyst 11.4 Update

AMD has released the April update of the Catalyst Drivers for their graphics cards. Catalyst 11.4 brings with a host of functionality and performance improvements.

Users are now notified when new drivers are available, a feature that was for too long found lacking in the Catalyst Center. The update also adds new task based Display Management controls and allows easier Eyefinity group setups. Performance improvements include a new OpenCL runtime that will improve performance on APUs and also for PCIe transfers between a CPU and discrete GPU. Call of Duty: Black Ops, Battleforge, Civilization 5 and Lost Planet 2 are just some of the games that will benefit from a 10-20 percent rise in performance. Apart from this, the new drivers also result in lower GPU load when running Firefox 4 with hardware acceleration enabled, and Bulletstorm, F1 2010 and PowerDVD will now all have a relatively bug-free experience.

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